B:Read Book Adoption encourages the love for Books

The First Book Adoption Activity at Mabohai Shopping Complex held on Sunday, 1 April 2018, was very warmly received by the public with hundreds of books being adopted as early as 10 am.

The Activity, organised by Bruneians Read (B:read) saw the community of Book lovers flock to the Event Stage of the complex to get books from different genres including children’s books, novels, science fiction and fantasy, young adults and even manga. Each member of the public could take five books, totally free.

What makes this different from previous book events was there was no need to bring books this time to swap. Prior to the Book Adoption Day, a month was dedicated to book donation, where the public was encouraged to drop off their pre-loved books at the Book Collection area at Mabohai Shopping Complex. It was these books then that were put up for Adoption during Book Adoption Day.

Apart from these, B.Read also organised book discussions, Book Blind Date and a colouring activity for children.

Yee-Man Cheng, Complex Manager said:

“Mabohai Shopping Complex is very delighted with the public support for the Book Donation and Book Adoption activity. Seeing book lovers with their “new” pre-loved books is an experience that is truly heart-warming. We thank the team of B:Read for organizing such a wonderful activity that helps bring the community together and helping kindle the value of reading in the young generation. We look forward to the next Book Adoption Day.”