Store Directory

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Second Floor Floor Plan

Store Name Phone No. Category Unit No.
store-photo-icon Kaimana Low-waste living store 201A
store-photo-icon El Jumana Muslimah clothing brand 201B
store-photo-icon As Salwaa Beauty Muslimah clothing & cosmetics brand 201C
store-photo-icon Kabajoux Women’s Clothing Store 201D
everon-logo store-photo-icon Everon Sdn Bhd Office 202 (Moved to Level 3)
misato-logo store-photo-icon Misato Teppan Restaurant 224 1331 Japanese Teppan Restaurant 203
toys-r-us-logo store-photo-icon Toys R Us 223 4265 Toy Store & Children’s Products 205
carousel-logo store-photo-icon Carousel Maternity & Gifts 224 0728 Maternity Wear & Gift Shop 207
store-photo-icon Surau Facility

First Floor Floor Plan

Store Name Phone No. Category Unit No.
loccitane-logo store-photo-icon L’Occitane 224 1616 Cosmetics and Skincare 101
nori-logo store-photo-icon Nori 224 0771 Accessories Store 102 & 115
store-photo-icon Boost Juice Bars 224 0988 Freshly made health drinks 103
store-photo-icon YOYOSO +673-8856706
Lifestyle Products 104
vitaworld-logo store-photo-icon Vitaworld 245 6361 Quality Living with Essential Nutrients 107
bossini-logo store-photo-icon Bossini 223 4109 Fashion Apparel & Accessories 108
store-photo-icon Happy Cream Home Made Gourmet Ice Cream 109
store-photo-icon Mr Baker’s Bakeshop 224 2343 Bakery 109A
starbucks-logo store-photo-icon Starbucks 222 2922 Coffee & Beverages 111
best-eastern-bookstore-logo store-photo-icon Best Eastern Bookstore 223 4094 Bookstore 112
paloma-logo store-photo-icon Paloma 224 1788 Branded specialty store 113A
the-faceshop-logo store-photo-icon The Face Shop 223 4886 Cosmetics and Skincare 113C
globalart-logo store-photo-icon Globalart 233 3536 Art Education Institution 113D
Sports Nation Company Sports equipment 114
store-photo-icon One Stop By Sport Sportswear Nook 1
store-photo-icon Leaves and Loaves Bakery Nook 3
store-photo-icon Baby Care Room Facility

Ground Floor

Store Name Phone No. Category Unit No.
superkleen-logo store-photo-icon Superkleen Collection Point 224 1120 Laundry and Dry Cleaning G01