Family Car Boot Sale 4

This 30 July, join our end of the month Car Boot Sale!
Food and drinks will now be allowed subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Only pre packed food items are allowed. NO COOKING per MOH and Fire and safety department regulations.

2. Drinks that will be allowed will only be in tin or bottles. NO DRINKS IN DISPENSERS will be allowed.

3. Participants selling ONLY FOOD will be allocated space towards the end of the parking lot which will be assigned by the management.

4. Please bring your own tents and tables.

5. Participants selling both food and pre loved items must arrange their area to ensure food safety for buyers.

6. No electricity will be provided as there should be no cooking or reheating of food.

7. The management WILL STOP participants as we have been instructed by fire and safety not to allow any cooking in the premises for safety reasons.

Limited slots available so sign up now.

Whatsapp at 8753762. Please indicate your complete name and what you plan to sell. thank you.