Family Hobby Week

Hobbyists and Collectors Unite!!!! Its Family Hobby Fair Time.

Come and join us for two weeks of hobby fun and nostalgia. Share your love for collectibles – action figures, models, books, games, crafts and arts.

– Collectors will be sharing their vintage collectibles on exhibit from 6 – 15 September at the Activity Area in front of Starbucks.

– Artists can join the Anime Art Competition with Fellas Cafe on the 8th of September. There will be categories for children 7-12 years old and adults 13 years old and above.

– Join the table top games or buy classic table top games like Dungeons and Dragons and enjoy your own epic adventure with friends. Organised by Wild Magic Store.

– Have yourself drawn Anime style, cartoonized or buy artworks created by local artists.

– Buy from Toy Collectors as they bring out their own collections.

All these happening during the School Holiday in September.

Mark it down, and stay in town!!!!